Crested Leopard Plant

May 12, 2016 admin

Botanical Name: Farfugium japonicum ‘Crispatum’ (syn. Ligularia tussilaginea)

Height: 2′
Width: 2′
Exposure: Shade
Performance: Perennial 

Far from ordinary, this textural perennial has a character of its own. Remarkable sharply ruffled edges on large, leathery leaves add a sheer gnarly effect to a shade garden or container. The sensational texture of the Crested Leopard Plant commands attention.
Unlike other F. japonicum, ‘Crispata’ does not have the shiny, glossy leaves like ‘Aureomaculata’ and ‘Gigantea’; instead, it has brilliant bold texture and faint hairy green leaves. F. japonicums make outstanding foliage plants for north Texas. In late summer, clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers rise above the foliage on tall flower stalks lasting for several weeks.
In Latin, the specific epithet japonicum references its connection to Japan, the native region where it can be found growing near streams and seashores. In Texas, these plants are thirsty. Be sure to provide them with plenty of water, especially in the heat of summer.