Salvia ‘Amistad’

September 20, 2017 Chelsea Quimby

Botanical Name: Salvia guaranitica ‘Amistad’
Height: 4′
Width: 3′
Exposure: Full Sun- Part Sun
Performance: Perennial
Bloom: Deep Purple

Many know Black & Blue, but often overlook its relative Salvia guaranitica ‘Amistad’. ‘Amistad’ was discovered in the early 2000’s by Rolando Uria, an Agronomist and Professor from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is nicknamed “Friendship Sage”, after Rolando shared cuttings of the plant with friends to encourage propagation and trial of this new cultivar. Currently listed as Salvia guaranitica its classification is now coming into debate as many are believing it could be hybridized with Salvia gesneriiflora.

Salvia ‘Amistad’ is characterized by its dark calyx, deep purple blooms and dark green foliage. Hummingbird and butterfly attractant, this plant reaches upwards of four feet tall and makes a dramatic impact in the landscape. It can be planted in full sun as well as shade and blooms from early spring to first frost. ‘Amistad’ is hardy to zone 8, drought tolerant once established and stands up to Texas heat. This plant will make a great addition to your landscape or container.