Cuphea ‘Candy Corn’

October 11, 2017 Chelsea Quimby

Candy Corn Plant

Botanical Name: Cuphea micropetala
Height: 1-3′
Width: 1-2′
Exposure: Part-Full Sun
Performance: Summer-Fall
Bloom: Yellow-Orange

No tricks from Green Lake just another plant that will treat your eyes to more fall color. Where Cuphea micropetala draws its name should be no surprise, its blooms resemble the favorite Halloween treat. The flowers emerge yellow and fade to orange blooming late summer and into fall. But its flowers aren’t the only thing to like about this plant, its stem has a deep red color, making the dark green foliage pop! Everything about Cuphea ‘Candy Corn’ correlates to the harvest season.

Also called cigar plant, nectar loving insects and birds revel in its tubular blooms. This plant originated in Mexico where it grows wild. Here in north Texas, it is a soft perennial and will survive the winter with a light mulching and drier conditions. If it survives our winter, its clumps will spread by underground rhizomes. Cuphea micropetala is also drought tolerant once established, making it a wonderful plant for our area. Add Candy Corn plant to your fall beds, containers or baskets and compliment with a pumpkin or two for the perfect fall display.