Marnier’s Kalanchoe

December 6, 2017 Chelsea Quimby

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe marnieriana
Height: 12-18″
Width: 2-3′
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun
Bloom: Rose-Red

Marnier’s Kalanchoe offers contrast to mixed succulent containers with its attractive blue-gray foliage and relaxed growth habit. Its round, flat leaves flatten inward at the stems’ end for a unique texture. The leaf margins turn pink in cooler temperatures for an extra touch of color. In early spring, rose-red flowers dangle from tall reddish stems. This tender, drought tolerant succulent is easy to care for. It can take a mild freeze but protect plant or bring indoors if temperatures drop below 25-28°F.

The species, marnieriana honors the French botanical explorer Julien Marnier-Lapostolle. Marnier’s Kalanchoe is a Madagascar native that needs well-drained soil. K. marnieriana is more shade tolerant than other Kalanchoes.