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We are a wholesale grower offering outdoor perennials, seasonal color, along with ferns, groundcovers, succulents, grasses, xeric plants, and vines. Our extensive list of annuals and perennials well suited for the north Texas area has been developed through years of trial and study. We are located in southeast Dallas.

What Looks Good

This week at Green Lake Nursery

  • Pansy Cool Wave 'Blue Skies'- 10" Hanging Basket
  • Viola 'Colormax Lemonberry Pie Mix' - 18 Count
  • Viola 'Colormax Citrus Mix' - 18 Count
  • Viola 'Colormax Clear Yellow' - 18 Count
  • Pansy Matrix Citrus Mix - 18 Count
  • Pansy Delta Premium True Blue - 18 Count
  • Pansy Matrix Blue Blotch - 18 Count
  • Pansy Matrix Deep Blue Blotch - 18 Count
  • Combo Winter Solstice Mix  - 14" Color Bowl
  • Kale 'Nagoya Red' - 1 Gallon