Review our Key to Comments below before continuing on to view our Live Inventory/Current Availablity.

!!! = Plant is perfect for retail. Plant is as good as it gets.
* = Plant is a good size in proportion to its pot size.
Small = Plants root ball will hold together when planted.
Bud = Plant is in bud, but not yet in flower.
Cutback = Plant has been pruned.
Tall = Plant is tall in proportion to its container.
% = Percentage of flowers that are in bloom.
Dormant = Plant is dormant.
Rough = Plant has unattractive foliage due to some physical damage.

Green Lake Nursery now offers live inventory, mature plant images and plant descriptions on our website. Just follow these steps:

Use the 'View current Availability' link on the left to access the page.

The detail button, upper left hand corner, allows you to switch to a grid with images and descriptions.

Use the filter option, upper left hand corner, to narrow down the selection.

The filter option allows searches by plant category.

Use the search feature to find individual plants.

To print an availability, select the excel or pdf icon at the upper right hand corner.

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