Spanish Lavender

May 28, 2015 admin

Spanish Lavender

Lavender is native to areas around the Mediterranean. It thrives in dry rocky alkaline soils and days full of sunshine.

Characterized by pungently fragrant gray foliage, the leaves of Spanish Lavender are narrow and un-toothed with downward curled margins. Aromatic lavender oil is extracted from the leaves and used to scent numerous products.

Unique violet purple flowers resembling little pineapples with rabbit ears appear in spring and early summer. The flowers can be cut and used in fresh arrangements or cut and used dried in potpourris, sachets or in tiny tied bundles.

In north Texas, Spanish lavender usually gets to around 2ft tall. Full sun, well drained alkaline soil and a site with good air circulation are required.

You will enjoy the pretty flowers as well as the pungent scent of this old fashioned garden favorite.