Pennisetum villosum

May 28, 2015 admin

Feather Top Grass

Native to Africa, naturalized in Texas and southwestern U. S., Feather Top grass is noted for its spectacular feather-like flower plumes. Soft, creamy-white flowers can reach up to five inches long. The lovely plumes make great cut flowers, either fresh or dried.

Leaves of light green form densely tufted clumps up to eighteen inches tall, twenty four inches tall with plumes. Hardy to about ten degrees, Pennisetum villosum goes dormant in north Texas. It readily self sows if seed heads are left to ripen and are not trimmed back.

Feather Top grass is relatively carefree, all it requires is full sun, well drained soil and a cutback as new growth emerges in spring.

Fluff up your landscape with some Feathertop