Skeletonleaf Goldeneye

May 28, 2015 admin

Skeletonleaf Goldeneye

V. stenoloba is native to the dry rocky Chihuahuan desert of Texas and New Mexico. In north Texas landscapes it can be used individually or in mass plantings as a tall groundcover.

Skeletonleaf Goldeneye is a densely branched rounded sub-shrub with single golden daisy-like flowers on naked stems. Blooms usually appear from June to October. The leaves are finely cut and coarse.

Butterflies and bees are attracted to the nectar, while deer tend to avoid this plant.

V. stenoloba is very drought tolerant once established, however in the landscape, occasional watering enhances its beauty. Cut the spent flowers to promote more blooms, also, periodically cut entire plant back for a tighter more attractive appearance.

Requirements are well drained soil and a sunny to partly sunny location. Allow a planting space of 2’-3’ across and 2’-4’ high.

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