August 22, 2016 admin

Botanical Name: Coleus x (syn. Plectranthus scutellariodes)

Height: 24-36″
Width: 12-18″
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun, Shade
Performance: Annual

Coleus is a popular late spring and summer annual used for its bold, showy foliage. Today, advances in breeding continue to intensify the colors and leaf shapes of these eye-catching plants. Some plants are distinctively marked by pronounced veins and distinct margin color creating a stark contrast. Others have colorful characteristics of blotches, splashes, streaks, and flecks for added interest. Color aside; coleus adds texture to gardens and containers. Choose from a mix of large, small, twisted, lobed, wavy, or serrated leaves to compliment the texture of the garden.
One thing remains the same, as a member of the mint family, coleus has the traditional square stems and opposite leaves. Naturally, coleus is a shade-loving plant, but variety improvements have created many sun-loving plants.