Yellow Bells

August 22, 2016 admin

Botanical Name: Esperanza ‘Gold Star’

Height: 4′
Width: 2′
Exposure: Full Sun
Performance: Annual
Bloom: Bright Yellow (May-October)

Tough as a boot and pretty as a picture, Esperanza ‘Gold Star’ loves the Texas heat. It produces shockingly bright yellow 2” trumpet shaped flower clusters from early summer to late fall. ‘Gold Star’ is a shrubby upright annual, which can reach up to 4 feet tall.
It is easily grown and tolerates a wide range of soils, including poor ones much like our gumbo clay soil. It can take droughts, but does better if watered regularly. There are no serious insect or disease problems. Remove the spent flowers to extend the bloom time. Takes full to part sun and attracts butterflies.