Hemerocallis at Green Lake Nursery

August 22, 2016 admin

Stella de Oro – the most popular daylily in north Texas. A dwarf variety with 3” gold blooms reaching about a foot tall. Blooming early-midseason it has a subtle, sweet fragrance. ‘Stella de Oro’ has longest bloom time making it the most popular daylily in north Texas. It goes dormant in winter. This “Historic Daylily”, honored by The American Hemerocallis Society (AHS), was created in 1975 by Walter Jablonski and is still one of the most sought-after daylilies to this day. The variety’s name is hybrid of two languages; the Italian word “Stella” meaning “star” and the Spanish words “de Oro” meaning “of gold”.

Happy Returns – is a hybrid of ‘Stella de Oro’ with 3” vibrant lemony yellow flowers on 18” scapes. An extremely early bloomer it flowers before the majority of other daylilies. This plant goes dormant in winter. Like ‘Stella de Oro’, it has a sweet and subtle fragrance. This cheerful lily-like flower was produced by Dr. Darrel Apps in 1986.

Siloam Grace Stamile – miniature red flowers have central deep crimson halos and green throats. An early-midseason bloomer it produces a slightly fragrant flower on 14” scapes. This perennial goes dormant in winter. The breeder, Pauline Henry from Siloam Springs, Arkansas is recognized for her beautiful miniature 2-3” flowers. She bred the popular ‘Siloam’ series and introduced ‘Grace Stamile’ in 1984.

Little Business – is a dwarf variety with 3” brilliant red flowers on 15” scapes. This early-midseason daylily can be used in the landscape like a red ‘Stella de Oro’. In our experience growing this variety we have had no problem with Daylily Rust. ‘Little Business’ is a semi-evergreen daylily hybridized by Maxwell in 1971 and is honored by the AHS as a “Historic Daylily”. The AHS also awarded this plant with the prestigious Award of Merit in 1977. 

Pretty Woman – has huge pretty in pink flowers. The glowing pastel pink flowers sit atop 29” scapes for a eye-catching midseason show. These lovely 6” flowers were hybridized in 1990 by Moldovan.

Rajah – Large, orangey-red flowers have a deep crimson halos for a showy floral display. This tall perennial blooms in midseason with flowers atop its 40” scapes. ‘Rajah’ is an AHS “Historic Daylily” bred in 1935 by Arlow Stout, an American botanist and pioneer of hybrid daylilies. Some consider Stout to be the father the modern daylily. In 1950, AHS established the Stout Award in his honor.

Franz Hals – Large yellow and rusty red-orange flowers draw attention atop 24” scapes. This mid-sized daylily blooms in mid to late-season in a vibrant bicolor. ‘Franz Hals’ is an AHS “Historic Daylily” was bred by Flory in 1955.

Gentle Shepherd – Large, white, 5” flowers are produced on 29” flower scapes. This mid-sized, early-midseason daylily is fragrant and semi-evergreen. Hybridized by Yancey in 1980, ‘Gentle Shepherd’ was honored by the AHS with the Award of Merit in 1987. 

Pandora’s Box – has 4” cream flowers with striking purple eyes. Fragrant flowers bloom atop 19” scapes in early-midseason. This perennial has lush evergreen foliage. Hybridized by Talbott in 1980, ‘Pandora’s Box’ is a “Historic Daylily” and was honored by the AHS with the Award of Merit in 1987, just like ‘Gentle Shepherd’.