Lantana New Gold

August 22, 2016 admin

Botanical Name: Lantana x hybrida ‘New Gold’

Height: 1-2′
Width: 2-3′
Exposure: Full Sun
Performance: Annual/Tender Perennial

Lantana ‘New Gold’ provides reliable summer color when temperatures are too hot to handle. This spreading lantana forms a solid mound covered in 1” golden clusters from spring till frost. ‘New Gold’ set the standard in the green industry with its exceptional vigor and prolific flower power. As a pollinator magnet, it attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
These plants are usually treated as annuals, but work well as frost sensitive perennials. Once established, this plant is virtually maintenance free. Although drought tolerant, it benefits from regular watering in summer to keep flower production strong.
Dr. Allan Armitage—a well-known horticulturist, professor, and author—was the first to explain the sterile benefits of ‘New Gold’ in 1995. This sterile plant does not set seed, like the original invasive lantana.
This heat-loving plant has undeniable success in north Texas landscapes!