Curcuma ‘Siam Shadow’

July 18, 2017 Chelsea Quimby

















Siam Tulip

Botanical Name: Curcuma alismatifolia ‘Siam Shadow’
Height: 24″
Width: 12-18″
Exposure: Part Sun, Shade
Performance: Perennial
Bloom: Pink-Purple (July-August)

Grown for its exquisite tropical summer display, Curcuma’s emerald green foliage emerges in late spring followed by its jeweled amethyst comb-like flower. This exotic, upright, tropical perennial reaches around 2 feet in height and delivers a lush, Hawaiian-like appearance.
In north Texas, Curcuma performs best if planted in dappled shade and needs a rich organic, well drained, moist soil. It thrives in the summer heat. Curcuma goes dormant in winter so extra protection is required when temperatures dip into the mid-twenties and lower. The genus Curcuma belongs to the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, and is native to Thailand and Cambodia of Southeastern Asia.