Bouteloua ‘Blonde Ambition’

August 30, 2017 Chelsea Quimby












Botanical Name: Bouteloua gracilis ‘Blonde Ambition’
Height: 3′
Width: 3′
Exposure: Full Sun
Performance: Perennial
Bloom: Wheat

‘Blonde Ambition’ adds a soft, fine, wispy texture to a garden with its narrow foliage and unusual horizontal flowers. An airy display of flower heads begins in late summer and persists well into fall. Its tall, slender bluish-green spring/summer foliage transitions to a golden straw in the fall. ‘Blonde Ambition’ outrivals other ornamental grasses with its rare, light texture.

Bouteloua gracilis, or Blue Grama Grass, is a North American native from the prairies, plains, and open rocky woodlands of western United States. This species is known for its drought tolerance, cold hardiness, and unconventional new look.