Scutellaria x ‘Dark Violet’

November 2, 2017 Chelsea Quimby

Dark Violet Hybrid Skullcap

Botanical Name: Scutellaria x ‘Dark Violet’

Height: 6″
Width: 10-15″
Exposure: Full Sun
Performance: Perennial
Bloom: Purple


Purple skullcap is new to the Green Lake perennial lineup. Scutellaria x ‘Dark Violet’  is a hybridized variety of Scutellaria suffrutescens and Scutellaria resinosa ‘Smoky Hills’. Woody gray-green foliage contrast the neon purple flowers. It has a tidy, mounding habit where scallop shaped blooms peek above compact spikes. 

This plant checks all the boxes on the Texas perennial list. It is butterfly and bee attractant for the pollinator promoters. It is also rabbit resistant and drought tolerant. Plant it in full sun, the hotter and harsher conditions the better it will perform. Occasional shearing can help maintain its uniform appearance. Blooming from spring to fall, it adds a pop of color to containers, borders or rocky landscapes. Anyway you plant it, Scutellaria ‘Dark Violet’ makes a welcome addition to stand beside our Texas Pink Skullcap.