Primula ‘Supernova Mix’

February 27, 2018 Chelsea Quimby

Primula ‘Supernova Mix’


Botanical Name: Primula x polyantha
Height: 6″
Width: 6″
Exposure: Full Sun, Part Sun
Performance: Annual
Bloom: Blue, Bicolored Pink, Golden,  Light Yellow, Magenta, Red, White (January- March)

Primula’s vibrant colors welcome the New Year! Commonly known as Primrose, these flowers are one of the first to bloom. The genus Primula is derived from the Latin word primus, meaning first.

In north Texas, this annual will bloom in winter, but the flowers are sensitive to hard freezes. In which case it is strongly advised to use a frost cloth to protect flowers. If protected from harsh freezes the foliage will remain throughout winter to re-bloom in early spring.

This cool season annual is bred for landscape performance and requires rich organic soil. When temperatures rise above 80 degrees the plant begins to fade. It works best planted under deciduous trees, as they, provide enough sun in the winter to generate flowers, and the bare branches give enough protection from mild freezes. The trees leaf out in spring providing protection from heat and extend the flowers’ season.

‘SuperNova Mix’ is an improved variety of chromatically bold colors. We prefer polyantha hybrids over similar looking acaulis type because their flower rises higher out of the foliage for a better show of color. Even from a distance, Primula’s eye-catching colors look dazzling in containers or in the landscape. These bright flowers will enliven any sunny window sill, garden, or mixed container.