Mexican Feather Grass

April 19, 2018 Chelsea Quimby

Botanical Name: Nassella tenuissima
Height: 18-24″
Width: 12-18″
Exposure: Full Sun
Performance: Perennial

Mexican Feather Grass looks like delicate, fine, green clumps of hair blowing in the wind. Nassella tenuissima bears soft silky awns of silver in late May and early June turning buff-colored as the summer advances.

Provide this ornamental grass with well-drained soil and full sun. It will not tolerate excessive moisture, but is heat, cold, and drought tolerant. Nassella, formerly called Stipa, is a cool season grower, remaining green in cool weather and turning gold in the hot months.

Mexican Feather Grass has one of the finest textures of all ornamental grasses and is often used to soften hard architectural spaces. The soft flowy texture looks spectacular in rock gardens, bold-textured settings, mass plantings, or containers.

Nassella is an environmentally friendly native from far west Texas. It is virtually free of pests and diseases. Like other ornamental grasses, prune them during dormancy around February. Cutting them near the base will encourage new growth.